Adapt It Mobile
About Adapt It Mobile
The simple, related language translation editor for mobile devices.

What does it do?

Using a tablet or smartphone, you can use Adapt It Mobile to translate text from one language to another related language - a process called adaptation. Previous translations are stored in a translation memory called a Knowledge Base, and are suggested the next time that particular word or phrase is encountered. This can help you quickly create a draft text that can be exported for further revision and publication.

Two programs, one goal

The Adapt It team has created two programs that enable you to adapt text from one language to another. The desktop version of Adapt It has been used in translation projects for over a decade now, and is still actively maintained by its developers.

Adapt It Mobile is a ground-up rewrite of the desktop version, written – by the same developers – specifically for mobile devices. Mobile devices have different characteristics than traditional computers, and that has shaped how Adapt It Mobile is designed:

  • Mobile devices are cheaper than laptop and desktop computers – which can help translation projects to be self-funded by language communities
  • In general, mobile devices also use less power – which helps in translation projects where power supply is an issue
  • Mobile devices have a smaller screen – the UI has to be simpler and more focused on single tasks
  • Mobile devices likely don’t have a hardware keyboard or mouse – this changes the way the UI interaction works

Following is a feature comparison chart that helps explain the differences between the two programs.

Feature Adapt It Adapt It Desktop Adapt It Mobile Adapt It Mobile
Platforms Windows, Linux, OS X Android, iOS
Create a project Yes Yes
Import / Copy a project Yes Yes
Import document Yes Yes
Adapt document - drafting mode Yes Yes
Adapt document - reviewing mode Yes  
Create phrase / placeholder / retranslation Yes Yes
USFM Filtering Yes Yes
Import / Export Translation Memory   Yes
View/Edit Knowledge Base Yes Yes
Export document Yes Yes
Collaboration with Paratext / Bibledit Yes  
Glossing Yes Yes
Free translations Yes Yes
Use consistency checker Yes  
Use Guesser Yes  
Edit Notes Yes (only by changing USFM filters)