Adapt It Mobile
Simple, Focused Translation
An editor designed for remote adaptation.

What makes Adapt It Mobile different?

A simple tool, focused on translation

Adapt It Mobile was designed specifically to be used in a mobile device environment:

  • Adapt It Mobile was designed to be used offline, with no connectivity needed while translating.
  • We’ve taken care to increase usability on the smallest of screens (as small as 4” for some phones).
  • The user interface is designed to be simple and straightforward, with a simple toolbar to indicate the available actions while translating.


  • We’ve included several fonts within the app, to support a wide range of minority languages without having to install extra fonts.

Powerful Translation

Adapt It Mobile uses the same powerful adaptation engine as the desktop version of Adapt It, rewritten specifically for mobile devices:

Select Translation dropdown

As you translate, Adapt It Mobile will remember the words and phrases you use – and will suggest them the next time the word or phrase is encountered in the text.

Download Adapt It Mobile

Adapt It Mobile is free to use. Download it now!

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