Adapt It Mobile

Public Beta 10

12 Feb 2018

Release 1.0 beta 10 available for download

We are pleased to announce the tenth public beta for Adapt It Mobile 1.0. This beta release includes issues found during beta testing:

  • Fixed an issue on iOS where clicking on the Return key on the on-screen keyboard would select the next field, but the software keyboard would disappear. (#279)
  • Fixed several issues related to scrolling on Android (#280, #277)
  • Fixed an issue where the select adaptation drop-down menu was not displaying properly if the user went back and clicked on the target field again. (#283)
  • Fixed some issues with the knowledge base integrity (#285)
  • Fixed an issue where the last edited field wasn’t getting saved when the app went to the background (#276)
  • Fixed an issue where a click on the target field was auto-filling and continuing, instead of allowing the user to make corrections (#275)
  • Fixed an issue on Android where the edit menu was obscuring the source text (#268)

This milestone also added an internal change to migrate from the Cordova globalization plugin to the ECMA internationalization API (#270).

A full list of resolved issues can be found in our issue tracker.

Please refer to the Adapt It Mobile Wiki site for instructions on installing. Issues and enhancement requests can be reported through our issues page. Thanks!